Apricot marmalade 70 % Fruit 7.7 oz


Delicious Natural Apricot no added sugar Marmalade. Jams and marmalades prepared of 90 grams fruit content in 100 grams of jam and fruit spreads – with no added sugar – prepared of 100% fruit content, all of them under exclusive Arodama recipes, made from selected Greek fruits of excellent quality, it is more than certain they will arouse 100% unique emotions in every spoonful! ?deal for a delicious breakfast, rich in taste and fruit flavors, are equally ready to rock your food recipes! Premium Apricot Jam is a luxurious jam made with only fresh fruit of excellent quality. Contains 70% fruit and no preservatives. Enjoy at your breakfast, as a topping, in salads, sandwiches or cooking. A versatile product.

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