Calamillor miami

Traditional & Authentic Spanish Foods & Products

Who We Are

We could say that CalaMillor is a renowned Spanish artesian bakery, and it would be true. We could talk about our daily elaborated pastries (and our famous Mallorcan ‘ensaimadas’), or about our traditional desserts; and even our delicatessen section ‘made in Spain’. And all of that would be fine. But still, we would be falling short.

Because CalaMillor is, above all, the house that welcomes you away from home. A place to pay tribute to the nostalgia from here and now. Let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate THE HOME OF THE PEOPLE WITH A SPARK.

They say home is where the soul lives, and here we have left ours. Whoever you are, wherever you come from: welcome. In this house, which is yours, we celebrate what unites us, which is a lot.

The joy and the heart feelings. Because life is better being shared. Because on top of everything, we are good people: from here or there, from everywere.

Because love is paid with love. So, for all that, and because we believe in the people, we collaborate actively with the community. Long live the people with spark!

The Story of Alberto

I am Alberto García, third generation of a family of Spanish bakers. Many years ago, my grandfather Natalio and his wife, my grandmother Concepción, invested their lifetime saving’s in a very sweet dream: open a bakery store. To do it, my grandfather had to train as a pastry chef and he decided to do it in a very special place (famous for its conch-shaped cakes): the island of Mallorca.

My grandfather, who had never flown, did so, literally and metaphorically. And there, in ‘la Isla Bonita’, next to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, was born in the 70s the idea of ​​what would be our first bakery.

Years later, my father José took over the business and with great tenacity, hard work and effort he created what today are one of the most recognized bakeries in Spain. Half a century later, I, as a son and grandson, have crossed the ocean to fulfill another dream: bring CalaMillor to America.

In my bag, I take the experience accumulated in decades working side by side with my father and my grandfather, and the appreciation for hard work with the highest standards which my grandmother instilled in me. Behind, I leave my homeland, my Friends and my roots. Ahead, a new adventure to share with those who want to accompany me. They say that home is where your soul lives, and here we have left ours. Welcome to CalaMillor. The place where you will always find a hot coffee (or why not, a cocktail) and a friend to share it with. You are at home here. Enjoy it!